Transforming trajectories of vulnerability


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Transforming Trajectories of Vulnerability: Re-examining Educational Achievement (2TV). It has been a privilege to be part of the transdisciplinary networking space for 2TV where I have been able to participate with respected colleagues in international research focused on transformative practice in education and public policy andto share our perspectives onbreaking cycles of vulnerability.Research practice with colleagues Arinola and Lucia and our wider team colleagues across our universities is always inspiring, powerful, heartfelt work,full of ambition and hope. As Paulo Freire shared (in hooks, 2003 ) “it is imperative that we maintain hope even when the harshness of reality may suggest the opposite”. 2TV is about hope, it is about how wehave been engaging in research to provide amuch-needed networking space for early career researchers to develop their skills as well as toengage in knowledge exchangearound breaking cycles of vulnerability which limits educational achievement in Brazil, and here in the UK. This bookbrings together such debates and discussions from 2TV in ways which critically examine and discuss the role of academics as activists with responsibilities to provide evidence-based reforms that have real-world impact on communities. Congratulations on bringing this book together and in engaging with the transdisciplinary approaches required as part of transformative education and public policydevelopment. Katherine Wimpenny, Coventry University, UK.

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